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As your concrete pavement progresses through its life cycle, it will become more and more deteriorated. When concrete becomes too deteriorated, it will need to be removed and replaced. Concrete removal and replacement are important because it prevents further deterioration and also reduces repair cost. Here at Scott Meadows Construction Company, we take pride in our concrete replacement services. As a trusted concrete contractor in Ridgeland, MS, we are dedicated to providing you the concrete services that you deserve!

Concrete Removal

You can’t just put another layer of concrete over the damaged one because this can result in a poorly structured pavement. We will need to remove deteriorated parts of your concrete before we can put a new layer. Our removal process starts with saw cutting and excavating the damaged portions of your concrete to the specified depth below the existing layer. We will then remove the concrete and send it to a legal dump site. The exposed base will then be recompacted to ensure a stable base for the new concrete to be put in.

Concrete Replacement

Our replacement process begins with the forming and pouring of the specified millimeters of concrete over the given area. As a professional concrete contractor, we will follow the specifications and reinforcement that is noted for the project. After, we will perform furnishing on the expansion and control joints if needed. Finally, the surface of your new concrete will be brushed finished. We will then an extra layer of protection to ensure that your new concrete layer is protected from chemicals and will also not crack easily.

Scott Meadows Construction Company is dedicated to providing you with reliable concrete removal and replacement services. If you are looking for the perfect concrete contractor to repair your concrete pavement and other surfaces, look no further because you’ve found us! Contact us now at (601) 906-0979, or you can also visit us at Ridgeland, MS.