Concrete Foundation Basics

Most of us do not think much about the foundation. What is the use of making so much fuss about something that is already there? But you should show some concern for your concrete foundation. After all, it is the one that supports the entire house. Not only that, it is the one the protects your house from catching the fire coming from one of your neighbors’ house. But all these benefits can only come if your foundation was solidly built.


This is where Scott Meadows Construction Company comes in. We do not claim to be the best in the concrete industry in Ridgeland, MS, but we can assure you the durability and longevity of our work. Doesn’t that sound promising? If you want to know more about our work, then you should continue reading this article.


Concrete Foundation Creation – One of the reasons we have earned the trust and confidence of numerous homeowners in Ridgeland, MS is the simple fact that our work lasts. Although concrete is naturally durable, you will still need skills to bring out its inherent characteristics. The key to this is to determine the right area for the construction. We have to ensure that the spot where we will build the structure has the right soil. We would often ask the help of a partner to conduct diagnostic tests to determine the condition of the soil.


Once we have the results of the soil test, we would create a master plan for the project. This will guide us all throughout. If we notice that there are some nuisances with regard to the flatness of the soil, we will include that observation in the master plan. Doing that will help us adjust the height of the foundation that we will work on.


Concrete Foundation Repair – We also offer this service. When we accept this kind of work, we would carefully assess the extent of the damage. We would never take anything for granted. A hairline fracture may not be as harmless as you originally think, so this is why we would always take everything into account.


You can always rely on Scott Meadows Construction Company. You can be assured that your interest is our topmost priority. So if you have foundation issues, call us now at (601) 906-0979! We are more than happy to help you.


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