The Boundless Possibilities of Residential Concrete

When you hear the term residential concrete, what comes into your mind? Does it automatically conjure the vision of foundation slabs? Or perhaps you see an empty basement. This is the unfortunate reality of concrete. Even with everything that it can offer, most people only see it as the reliable material used for house foundation. This is where Scott Meadows Construction Company comes in. As a concrete specialist, we can redefine how you look at concrete. So if you want to know more about the services that we offer, you should continue reading this article.


Concrete Countertop – Do you want a granite countertop without the hefty price tag? Then you have come to the right people. As a residential concrete specialist, we can create a concrete countertop for you. Other than being economical, it is scratch resistant. In this kind of project, our first task is to create a mold for the countertop. When doing this, we would measure the base cabinets and the existing countertop. The mold would most likely be made of melamine particleboard.


Once we have the basic frame, we would make marks on it to make room for the cooktop or the sink. Before pouring the concrete into it, we have to thoroughly clean it. We are now ready to continue with the project.


Concrete Flooring – We can also create concrete flooring that looks like wood or natural stone. The ability to do this has made us into household names in Ridgeland, MS because we offer homeowners the option of owning an expensive-looking floor without needing to pay through the nose for it. To top it off, concrete floors are quite durable.
You can always depend on Scott Meadows Construction Company to deliver top-of-the-line residential concrete services. We do not claim to be the best in the concrete industry in Ridgeland, MS, but we can assure you of the quality and longevity of our work. So if you have a construction project in mind, you should not hesitate to approach us. We are more than happy to help you. So call us now at (601) 906-0979 for more information!


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